2012 - 2013

An open-source, networked system for electronic music performance by group participation that is both inclusive and accessible to performers of any experience level. Inspired by the social nature of smartphone technology, designed with modularity in mind and based on the popular Monome devices. Modulome attempts to avoid the often criticized technological obscurity of electronic music performance and explore the second order abstraction of an audience within electronic music performance.

Button-pad Module.

4x4 Grid of push buttons and LEDs. The LEDs are decouple from the sensor input to allow for application dependant feedback.

Encoder Module

Encoder module has a 128ppr continuuous rotary encoder and 32 variable brightness. It has multiple different behaviours for outputting values.

Fader Module

Fader module encases 3 linear slide potentiometers that can be used like standard dj mixer faders.

Java Application

Creates and handles two way communication channel between modules and DAWs / Midi or OSC capable Software. Allows for unique settings for each individual module. Works on windows and Mac OS.

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