Orbits is an interactive installation for the Modulome system. It is an interactive game type system for up to 4 players. Each player takes control of a Modulome button-pad physical controller, controlling 4 colour-coded planets on a projection/TV screen. Players are able to affect the orbit radius, speed and direction of each of their four planets as they orbit a central point. Each planet is capable of affecting other planets, either by affecting them with gravitational pull or by colliding with other planets to reverse their direction. As the planets move past a given point they trigger notes within the sound design.

Orbits is intended to be both a demonstration of the physical interfaces of the Modulome system and an experiment in social music making and the creation of game like systems without goals. The system was specifically designed with social music making in mind, so by borrowing the aesthetics and semiotics of gaming to make a familiar and intuitive situation, people of all different walks of life are able to "play together" with the installation to create music and share a novel experience. Orbits was presented at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand at the Sonic Arts Engineering Expo on the 12th of October, 2013. During the installation period hundreds of people interacted with the system and it was generally well received by children and adults alike.